Utility Belt for Dog Walkers

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The JWalker canine utility belt is a must have item for all dog owners. It's versatility and functionality make it the number one tool for anyone who owns a dog. 

5-in-One Handling Tool

  1. Adjustable Leash (unclip from belt & slide the adjustment up to form a handle)
  2. Hands-free Waist Leash
  3. Traffic Leash (slide the adjustment on your leash down to form a handle)
  4. Seatbelt Tether (unplug your leash & clip in you seatbelt attachment)
  5. Training Line (clip you leash and belt together)

The canine utility belt TRANSFORMS and is completely CUSTOMIZABLE! Can be a belted dog leash, hands-free dog leash, a dog training line, seatbelt tether and more.

  • Seatbelt Attachment (for tethering only)
  • Hands-Free Walking
  • Quick-Release Clip
  • Easy to Handle
  • Multi-Dog Options
  • Versatility & Functionality
  • Superior Strength & Quality

This product includes 5 parts: seatbelt tether, belt loop, leash clip, belt and leash attachment

Fits waists between 26"-47", extenders can increase girth by 3"-6".

Watch the tutorial videos to learn the various ways the Utility Belt for dogs can work.   


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