Replacement Warranty

Regular price $16.99

A one time, full product replacement warranty at anytime throughout the life of your product. 

There are two things any puppy owner can be sure of, your puppy will grow and will chew a few things along the way. 

Give yourself the peace of mind of a full product replacement at a faction of the cost in the event that your dog outgrows or chews his JWalker. 

This one-time, no questions asked product replacement will keep you enjoying your JWalker products without skipping a beat. 

Must be purchased within 7 days of your original in-store or online product purchase. 

To activate your warranty all you have to do is ship us your product with your contact information and warranty number and we will send you a new one for FREE. 


* Purchases through do not qualify for this extended warranty. Please see for internal/manufacturer warranty protocols. 

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