Product Repair

Product Repair

Regular price $10.00

Forgot to buy a Replacement Warranty and need your product repaired?

No Problem!

You can purchase a repair by section for damaged or chewed areas. 

A section is one continuous piece of webbing between two end points. For example, the bottom strap or top strap of the harness. 

The following are each considered one section:

  • left martingale
  • right martingale 
  • chest strap (between martingales)
  • top strap
  • bottom strap
  • clip strap (has the yellow indicator tab)

Please purchase the total number of sections damaged then ship* your product to our shop.

Ottawa Leather Works


2688 Marie St. Unit # 1 Ottawa, ON K2B 7E4

Include the following information:

  1. Area requiring repair (chest strap, right/left martingale, top strap, belly strap), product type, size and colour, number of sections to be repaired
  2. Customer name, email address, phone number, address and invoice number
  3. Email &  to notify us once the product has been sent and the tracking number (if applicable)

*Please note that shipping cost is not included in the repair fee and a return shipment label must be included in your package.

Please expect return time of 1-2 week from the date the product is received in our shop.  

If you have already purchased your warranty please visit here for instruction on how to activate it.

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