JWalker Dog Harness

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The JWalker dog harness was invented by a canine behaviourist to stop dogs from pulling.

It has a unique and patented side/shoulder attachment design that's used to redirect a dog's focus with little effort and lets you reward good behaviour. 

The JWalker dog harness is handmade from premium tubular climbing webbing and will not cause irritation, burning or chafing of the dog’s skin.

Buy a JWalker canine harness and get a free detailed tutorial video from Canine Behaviour Expert Jessica O'Neill.

Pet Intel.'s JWalker encompasses the three pillars of Pet Intel's Philosophy: REAL, Balanced, Smart.

REAL- A tool designed to work for all dogs and dog owners in REAL LIFE environments and situations.

BALANCED- It provides enough control  without ever excessively punishing the dog.

SMART-Designed by industry professionals using SCIENCE-BASED technologies and research.